This Document is signed by each participant before the race.

Signing below I voluntarily agree to take part in the "GoverlaRace" and clearly aware of the following things:

1.  I have been informed and completely realize that the Race is potentially unsafe for me and can be a reason for a serious injury. 

2 . I agree to take responsibility for any injury over the route and I have no right to claim any compensation for damage to the safety from the organizers.

3 . I agree to comply with all organizers' safety requirements.

4 . I confirm the fact that my physical abilities are sufficient to overcome the Race route safely and I have no any latent diseases. I've got a valid Insurance Policy and a medical certificate showing the lack of restrictions for sports.

5 . I've read and understood the Rules of the Race.

Behavior rules:

Mountain is a place of high risk! That's why you should be extremely careful!


- Ignoring the judges' requirements;

- Smoking and making a fire close to trees, flammable objects;

- Fighting, pushing;

- Changing the route and leaving the distance at unallowed points of the route.

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terms and condition.
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