1. Organizers

 Educational and methodological center of sports tourism "Odessa" and Odessa branch of the Ukrainian Youth Organization "National Scout Organization of Ukraine", in the association with the tourist club "Odessa"

2. Where and when

 27-28 August 2016, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, the foot of Goverla mountain , Kozmeshchik camp, not far from  Lazeshchyna village.

1 distance -  Kozmeshchik - Goverla (2061 m), 8 km.

2 distance - Kozmeshchik - Petros (2020 m) - Goverla ( 2061 m), 16 km.

3. Runners

Each participant must have valid Insurance Policy and medical certificate showing the lack of restrictions for sports. Only persons over  16 years can be allowed to the Race.

There are men and women categories at every distance .

4. Entry Fee:


Distance 1 (Kozmeshchik - Goverla, 8 km)


  Payment till August 24

 Payment till September 24

 Payment till September 24-30

 350 UAH

 450 UAH

 600 UAH 


Distance 2 (Kozmeshchik - Petros - Goverla, 16 km)


Payment till August 24

 Payment till September 24

 Payment till September 24-30

 400 UAH

 500 UAH

 650 UAH

5. Program of the Race

You should make the entry fee to account of Privatbank, after online registration you will recieve payment options

September 30

13:00 - 21:00 - Registration of the participants.

October 1

8:00 - start Distance 2;
8:10 - start Distance 1;
16:00 - closing of the distances, awards.

6. Determination of winners

The winners are determined by the best finish time.

7. Award and prizes

Winners are awarded with medals, money prizes and prizes provided by the organizers and sponsors.

8. Registration

You can register on-line here.

All questions by phone Mazurkevich Anna tel. +38050 34 39 648  
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9.Conditions of participation and safety

Each participant should be aware that the Race involves a certain risk.

All participants are responsible for the safety and health by themself!

The participants must consider the real weather and route conditions.
The path will be marked with bright ribbon. There will be 4 control points with judges at every point.

10 . Financial conditions of participation

The entry fee includes:

  • - Registration in the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • - First aid;
  • - Water over the route;
  • - Medal;
  • - Insurance 

The entry fee doesn't include:
- Transport support;
- Food.

Organizers provide transfer from  Lazeshchyna village. You can get to the start point on your own -  walking from Lazeshchyna (9 km), or going by car.

11. Accommodation

Accommodation in your tent not far from Kozmeshchik or in its territory (from 40 UAH/day).

It's possible to rent tents, sleeping bags and mats, but you must inform us beforehand.

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